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Scholarship Dinner

A fund raising dinner to raise a $1,200 bursary for postulants at Saint Paul University is held the first Friday in May at St. Thomas' Anglican Church, 2345 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa ON. The cost is $35.00 per person with a tax receipt for $15.00. Evening Prayer starts the eveming at 6:00 PM. Great food. Great fun. Great hynm sing. Tickets are available in March and April from Lorne Bowerman at 613-225-7904 or through the Men's Groups contacts.

BAC Scholarships Awarded
1995 - (Split Winners) Kay Richardson (Priest in the Diocese of Ottawa) and Hal Graham (Priest in the Diocese of Moosonee).
1996 - François Trottier (Priest in the Diocese of Ottawa)
1997 - Alex Lewanowicz (Priest in the Diocese of Ottawa)
1998 - Christine Piper (Priest in the Diocese of Ottawa)
1999 - Judith Prendergast (Priest in the Diocese of Huron)
2000 - Neil Stephens (Priest in the Diocese of Ottawa)
2001 - Jane McCaig, (Priest in the Diocese of Ottawa)
2002 - Richard Vroom (Priest in the Diocese of Ottawa)
2003 - Eric Melby (Withdrew from the Anglican Studies Program)
2004 - Kathryn Otley (Priest in the Diocese of Ottawa)
2005 - Jon Martin (Priest in the Diocese of Ottawa)
2006 - Gregor Sneddon (Priest in the Diocese of Ottawa)
2007 - Mark Whittall (Priest in the Diocese of Ottawa)
2008 - Patrick Stephens (Priest in the Diocese of Ottawa
2009 - Monique Stone (Priest in the Diocese of Ottawa)
2010 - Linda Wheeler (Priestin the Diocese of Ottawa)
2011 - Hilary Murray (Priest in the Diocese of Ottawa
2012 - Kristy Reimers-Loader (Attending Saint Paul University

Monthly Diocesan Luncheons

Luncheons are held on the last Wednesday of the month, except for December and March. The March Lenten luncheon and communion service is at Saint Paul University, 249 Main Street, Ottawa, ON. The remaining luncheons are held at the Army Officers' Mess at Somerset St in Ottawa. In the event the Army Officers' Mess closes in the Summer, the Luncheon is held at the Navy Mess, Lisgar St. They start at 12:00 noon and end by 1:00 p.m. The cost is about $8.00. Contact any of the Men's Groups contacts listed below. The Luncheons offer the opportunity for the men from different Parishes in the Diocese to enjoy a good lunch and network about Church matters.

BAC Ties

The BAC Ottawa Council offers for sale special ties that have been very popular. The ties are burgundy with small staggered crests of the red St. George cross on a white field and outlined in gold. Two small diagonal stripes of blue and white accent the tie. The tie is Canadian made in Collingwood by the
Tie Guy. They sell for $25 and are available from the Lorne Bowerman at 613-225-7904.

Name Badges

The BAC Council has developed a BAC name badge that can be ordered directly from the engraver, Ron & Donna Baba of Peony Enterprises. The badge was designed to be universally used by any men or men's organization in Canada or elsewhere there is a BAC. The price is about $7 plus GST and shipping. Ottawa men may order their badges for $7 from Lorne Bowerman at 613-225-7904 or lorne at bowerman dot ca

The e-mail address of Peony is:

Please contact them. The names can be e-mailed to Peony in the text of a message or they can be attached as a text file and e-mailed to Peony. They can be mailed or faxed as well. The production system used by Peony is set up to have the first name on one line, the last name on the line underneath, and the church's name on the third line. The first name and last should be upper case for readability and the church's name can be upper and lower case. An example is given below:
St. Mark's, Ottawa

Note that the word "church" was omitted in order to increase the font size - we are all churches.

Diocesan Council

The Diocesan Council acts as the coordinating body for those things which require a wider Diocesan response. The major undertakings of the Ottawa's Diocesan Council are the monthly Luncheons and the Annual Scholarship Dinner.

Brother Gavel (President): Don Butler at 613-746-8037
Brother Scribe (Secretary): Michael Shore at 613-829-8867.
Brother Purse (Treasurer): Don Carrington at 613-733-8740.

The Constitution of the Diocesan Council outlines the structure and gives the duties of the Council members.

BAC Ottawa Church Contacts

Centre 454: Andrew Cheam at 613-235-4351
Cathedral Men's Group: Michael Shore at 613-829-8867
St Aidan's, Elmvale: Don Carrington at 613-733-8740
St Helen's, Orleans: Bill Shore at 613-824-1872
St John's, Elgin: John Nesbitt at 613-741-3237
St Mark's, Parkwood Hills: Lorne Bowerman at 613-225-7904
St Martin's, Carlingwood: David Armstrong at 613-829-8867
St Matthias, Parkdale: Ken Harwood at 613-722-9705
St. Michael's, Carlington: Rick Potvin at 613-726-9060
St Richard's, City View: Murray Miller at 613-225-2421
St Thomas', Alta Vista: Jim Hodges at 613-521-5123

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