Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen

Terms of Organization


The name of the organization shall be the Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen or BAC for short. It shall be affiliated with the Anglican Church of Canada.


The logo of the BAC shall be as shown at the top, that is a red cross on a shield.

Mission of the BAC

The mission of the BAC is to:


Membership in the BAC shall be open to all who accept the objectives of the organization.

Organizational Structure

The BAC is a parish-based organization. Each parish may form a BAC chapter to carry out the objectives of the BAC. No outside permission is required to set up a chapter of the BAC. The meeting format, leadership format, and fee structure for each parish shall be as decided by the parish.

If parishes within a deanery or a diocese wish to form an organization to exchange parish information in a social setting or coordinate projects that are beyond the resources of a parish, then a deanery or diocesan council may be established. A deanery organization is not needed in order to set up a diocesan organization. A deanery or a diocesan organization shall act as a coordinator only and shall not have any command or control over parish chapters. If a deanery or diocesan council is established, then an annual meeting shall be held to elect a council of their choosing to carry out the wishes of the annual meeting. Fees may be collected to fund the work.

There is no national organization.

Suggested Activities

Successful BAC chapters and councils have been active for years. At the parish level, monthly dinners with speakers or a special focus, monthly or bi-monthly corporate Communion and breakfasts, annual Shrove Tuesday pancake suppers (a how-to manual is available - Pancake Supper Manual) , parish dinners, picnics, social evenings, and parish work projects are some of the existing chapters' activities.

For the councils, monthly luncheons, fund-raising dinners for a bursary for postulants, annual conferences on a topic of interest, and drivers for a Bishop have been undertaken. Of special note, the BAC Ottawa Council raised $5,000 to fund a public school curriculum about Education about Religions. The BAC Huron Council has published for many years the newsletter "BAC Talk" free-of-charge to BAC organizations. BAC pins and ties have also been used as fund raisers by the Diocesan Councils.